Well, I'm Back

To quote Sam Gamgee at the end of Lord of the Rings, “Well, I’m back”. It’s been an absence of three, long years but I am here again blogging about life on this small rock.

And of course much has changed. First and Second Born are now my height and by next year I will be looking up to our teenaged sons. Their reading skills have improved so I expect the blog to be censored weekly. Then again they may not notice as they spend every waking moment not at school sailing on the south coast. Being a sailing mom works on two counts. The boys are easily satisfied with little gifts of rope and waiting around at the beach beats hanging about on the sidelines of a football pitch any day.

The Husband is still in residence and rather annoyingly more Zen with each passing year. He announced he was becoming a vegetarian. I smiled politely and ignored him completely sure that this was a fad that would pass within days or, at worst, weeks. But what a shock. Two years later I am still stressing about how to feed a vegetarian who does not like vegetables. Broccoli, beans, pumpkin and carrots have to be hidden beneath sauces or disguised in rice or pasta dishes. In exchange he occasionally he does something to impress – like this week having a highly coveted guest feature in The Economist. Check it out at http://tinyurl.com/a53jh6f

After buckets of tears, sweat and even the odd shedding of blood (paper cuts are highly underrated), writing and re-writing, I have finished my novel. This week I started sending it out to agents – the conduits to publishers. I sent out fifty-three query letters to US agents and within days eight rejections have landed safely in my inbox. The first came twenty minutes after I pressed “send” which must be some kind of record for rejection. Friends keep telling me that this is normal and to expect more of the same. Since when did it become normal to be told to get lost, your hard work is not wanted? To cope with the endless wait till someone finds merit in the manuscript I have started work on a second novel and looking for a proper job.

Future editions of Notes From A Small Rock will also be featuring the newest member of the family. I give you Rose the rescue dog (aka Rosie and Rosie-Posey). Jack the Jack Russell has grudgingly allowed her to stay. She has this way of whacking him with her backside when she wants to play. Poor lad. His quiet life has changed forever - as has ours.